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Dos and Don'ts of Beard Care - Tips from Sr. Cure

Dos and Don'ts of Beard Care - Tips from Sr. Cure

Some people believe that caring for beards is unimportant. They would be mistaken. Beard hair is more delicate than most people realize, and it requires special care. You don't wake up with a healthy mane unless you work for it!

So, what are some beard care dos and don'ts?

Continue reading to find out.


Get the right grooming products.

Of course, at Sr. Cure, we are big fans of all-natural and organic grooming products with no harsh chemicals. They are good for you and for the environment. The number one do is to get the perfect beard kit to take care of your beard. Your grooming set should include the following:  A beard wash to clean the beard, a beard oil to moisturize the skin and facial hair, a beard balm to offer an all-day conditioner for your skin and beard.  To add shine and revitalize your facial hair, a beard comb is a must to detangle, and a beard brush to shape. And if you like trimming the edges of your beard yourself, a natural shaving lotion for men is ideal.

Check your diet

We are what we eat, and that will show in your beard too. So much so, if you want a healthy mane, ensure you check what you eat. You should ideally consume foods that are high in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Go for eggs, nuts, green leafy veggies, and plenty of fruits.

Go for a professional trim if you are not a pro.

If you are a novice trimming your beard or properly using the Sr. Cure men’s all-natural shaving lotion to cut your beard, you are better off going to a professional barber. They have the best tools, best beard oils, balms, and all the necessary training to ensure that you are fine first and foremost, and secondly, you look great.

They can also teach you how to use the organic beard wash, beard oil, and the beard and moustache balm at home effectively.

This helps you avoid giving yourself a bad grooming experience, wasting your products or, even worse, hurting yourself.


Don't pull out your beard hair.

You should never pull out hair without the right techniques as this damages the hair and the skin underneath. Indeed you may have ingrown hair that needs to be removed, but this should be done by a professional.

Don't let your beard dry out.

Dried hair is brittle, and it breaks easily, and you don't want this to happen to you. Invest in a good natural beard oil and beard balm moisturizer to ensure your beard is forever hydrated. This way you can avoid split ends than result in uneven hairs that appear unkempt.

Don't dye your beard.

Sure, it is a trend, but is it a healthy one? No, it is not, and you should stay away completely. Dyeing hair strips so much of the healthy oils, including melanin which makes hair strong and cohesive. Dyed hair is generally dry, and since facial hair is so sensitive, dyeing it may put you on the road to destruction. If you must, do it professionally, and take moisturizing with the organic beard balm and a beard oil up several notches - that is if you want to keep your hair!

Take away

We just looked at three Dos and three Don'ts for beard care. The probability of having a healthy beard is equal to failure. It is you who decides what side to take. So what will it be?

We hope you choose the Dos side! Check our collection.