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Free Shipping on All Orders - Continental U.S. Only

Sr. Cure Men's Grooming Gift Sets & Beard Grooming Gift Set

Need a men's gift that is all natural, good for skin and beard that smells great. We've got you covered!

Our Grooming Beard Set includes a 4 ounce bar of handmade natural soap for men, 2 ounce bottle of natural beard oil, 2 ounce tin of organic  beard balm, 6 ounce bottle of all natural beard wash, a beard comb and beard brush set.

A  complete beard and body care set that keeps your skin and beard in top shape and makes you smell incredible! 

Our Soap Sampler Set is a combination of the best all natural handmade soap for men.  

Three full sized bars of our most popular soaps: Illustrious Amber, Complex Charcoal & Globetrotter’s Find.

Made with natural ingredients that nourish your skin and help keep the natural oils in while cleansing your body.