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Free Shipping on All Orders - Continental U.S. Only

The Beginning

Sr. Cure

 Some say money does not grow on trees... We will let you be the judge. 

Kid Cure

The tale of Sr. Cure starts on  a sunny morning in the Caribbean Region of Colombia.
At age 6, Kid Cure used to help his grandmother clean and pick up mangoes from the backyard. During the fruit season the grounds were covered by the hundreds and most of the mangoes would go to waste. As a business woman herself, Grandma Soco taught a lesson about the value of money and importance of work to her grandson. With proper coaching, the first venture was established a few days later. Kid Cure had to learn how to use the phone directory and cold call grandma's friends to market the mangoes in the local community.

Teen Cure

Teen years came and the mango business was blooming and booming. However, a few new business ideas were on the back burner. With the companionship of a few friends and his cherished squire, Lucas the monkey pet, Teen Cure opened a convenience store, a sandwich  shop and started a humorous neighborhood magazine.

Grown - Up Cure

All the Caribbean days were left behind and Sr. Cure goes to college. Then he traveled  to the United States to continue his education.  

Like any other mortal, Grown – Up Cure enters the mainstream work force, but the entrepreneurial spirit and good lessons from home followed behind. A farm products export project was formed side by side with his 9 -5 career.  

Sr. Cure’s biggest source of inspiration comes from a four-generation line of strong businesswomen. Women who had to fight their times and adversities to find a better future for their family.  Thanks to great-grandmother, grandmother, great aunt, mother and sister’s legacy, Sr. Cure has been able to evolve and become the brand it is today.  

Space rockets and fast electric cars are not our specialty (Someone beat us at that). However, we make killer all-natural handmade men’s products that will transport you to any place in the blink of an eye.
We don't know what the future holds.  Help us write the next chapter!  


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 Sr. Cure




At Sr. Cure, our mission is to encourage and promote the use of all-natural handmade men’s products while working with small businesses and small American farmers. Our portfolio of products was specifically developed for men’s skin. Every product is created from fresh quality ingredients which are all-natural with organic and vegan options. Our oils and extracts are from certified vendors and ingredients are collected through natural processes. At Sr. Cure we work hard to ensure that our products are free from harmful chemicals or preservatives. Sr. Cure always uses sustainable palm oil which is certified via the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO. Some of our men’s care line is even USDA certified organic. All our products which include beard oils, beard balms, soaps, beard washes and lotions are 100% handmade in our workshop in the USA. Let us help you naturally look good, while reducing the burden on the environment one grooming at a time.