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The Ultimate Beard Care Kit

The Ultimate Beard Care Kit


Men with beards will tell you one thing: their beard is their pride.

They'll also tell you something else:

It takes time and effort to maintain that beard mane. And getting the right products to make their beards look divine is a big part of that. The items listed below should be included in your beard care kit if you have (or want to have) a beard.

Beard wash

Beard wash is a specially made formula of shampoo or gel that contains natural oils to give the beard a good cleansing. Beard shampoo is different from other shampoos because they do not have harsh chemicals that may strip away good fats from the beard hair. Once you start using an organic beard wash, your beard should feel hydrated, and the hair strands appear healthy.

Beard oil

Beard oil is a cosmetic product essential in nourishing the beard and the skin the beard is growing on. It is the product that gives the beard hair that shine and softness and also enables easy combing. Natural beard oil serves the same purpose as sebum which is vital for healthy hair and skin.

Most Organic beard oils come in small bottles, and that is because you only need a few drops at a time. You simply put two or three drops on your palm, rub them together and massage the oil into the beard, being sure to get to the skin underneath.

Beard balm

Beard balm is the star of the show and your beard care kit must never be without it. Natural bread balm acts as the base of everything even before you use the oil. using it is pretty straightforward. You scoop a bit of the all-natural beard balm on your hands, rub the palms to distribute it evenly, then massage it on the beard and the skin underneath. Beard balm is the official moisturizer of the beard. And you most definitely need it if you want a healthy-looking mane!

Beard comb

Okay, some men think that their fingers are the ultimate beard comb, but, unfortunately, they are mistaken. Hair strands are pretty fine, and if they are not adequately detangled, they intertwine and become problematic. And that is why a beard kit should have a beard comb that properly detangles all the beard hairs. Remember to used it  after the application and massaging of the natural beard balm into the facial hair to soften it.

Beard brush

The comb goes in to detangle the individual hair strands, while the brush is to get every strand into place neatly. It really is that simple!

Shaving cream

At some point, you will want to trim off the edges, but you have no time to hit the barbershop. This is where the men’s all-natural shaving lotion comes in. Indeed, the barber has the best techniques to shave the lines a bit clearer, but you could try shaving off some excess at home. And so an organic shaving lotion for men is also essential.

Bottom line

Taking care of that beard is a bit of work, but if you are willing to get good whiskers, you better invest in good products. The great news is that we have it all right here!