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Why Are Natural Soaps Better? A Man's Perspective

Why Are Natural Soaps Better? A Man's Perspective

Natural soaps are better for men than you might think, but there's a catch. Mainly, it's not easy to find genuine all-natural bar soap  for men because the market is full of knock-offs with questionable ingredients like CBD extract or powerful scents and "manly" aromas. Still, if you can find an authentic all-natural product, you'll see the benefits of men's natural soap in no time at all. 

So, with that in mind, here's a quick look at why natural soap is preferable for men – and why that special someone in your life will appreciate it.


Mild aromas make the soap more tolerable to the skin

The truth is that  most popular commercial soaps for men come with incredibly aromatic scents like wood, musk, or even mint. While these products smell great, they come with a huge caveat: they may irritate your skin, sometimes substantially.

Natural soap will have a more subtle scent that's not so upfront and bold, preferable when you don't want to choke an entire room with a cologne-like waft that follows you everywhere you go. You can also tell if a scented soap is bothering you because your skin will itch not long after you bathe or shower, sometimes immediately upon contact.


No added chemical ingredients

Have you ever read the ingredients list on a bar of men's soap? If you haven't, good luck because most of us can't even pronounce the names. It doesn't take a massive leap of faith to see that this amount of chemicals and additives can't be good for the skin in the long run. Soap manufacturers claim that this composition keeps moisture in our skin or "opens up the pores" for additional protection. But does that square with the real-world experience?

The truth is that nothing moisturizes the skin like a natural soap that isn't full of chemicals and preservatives. In other words, men's all-natural soap keeps it simple, and that's the way most men like it – no extras, just great soap.


Great skin equals a handsome face

Without a doubt, most men don't appreciate how healthy skin can make you look youthful and handsome. The gruff-and-scruff look only goes so far, especially as men age and become more comfortable with their bodies.

All-natural soaps aren't exactly a fountain of youth, but they will make your skin look and feel great, which only improves your self-confidence. And that's what makes you more handsome when you walk tall into a room and know that you look your best. Maybe that special someone will notice that your skin looks healthier, but your increased confidence is what most people will see on sight.

When you consider all of these benefits, there's no question that natural soap is ideal for men because it doesn't come with ingredients you don't need to have healthy, youthful skin.


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